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Rato Kim is a toy artist from Seoul, South Korea who makes mainly cat themed toys. One of his latest creations is this BreadCat toy. He planned this item for a long time and was inspired by the image of cats sitting with their paws hidden so he created a cute toy of that shape. Rato Kim said: 'The most difficult thing ctreating this Breadcat was to decide what facial expression they'll have. Cats have various expressions so I chose to show few of them on Breadcats and not to go with only one face".

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Maker CampBased online, Maker Camp could be just a suggestion, a chimera, a virtual place to go and glean ideas. But from its aspirational concept has sprung a solid and tightly knit community that gathers to make, share, learn, and yes — fail — together.

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ancient cat paw prints were found in New England

The prints on the 2,000-year-old Roman roof tile proves cats were kept as pets -- and sometimes got in the way. 
Paw prints made by a cat 2,000 years ago have been found on a Roman roof tile kept at a museum in south west England. Dug up in Gloucester in 1969, the tile fragment had long lain unnoticed at Gloucester City Museum. Only recently, a researcher spotted the cat's paw on the tile while going through the finds from the 1969 archaeological excavation. Not surprisingly, the cat is thought to have run across the wet clay tile when it was left out to dry in about AD100. It is possible the cat was a Roman army cat, the pet of a Roman soldier who stationed at the site.

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19 photos of two maine coon brothers

Tamara Rouwendal is a Dutch illustrator, graphic designer, photomanipulator and photographer best known for her whimsical, colorful and enchanting styled work. Since a young age she has been passionate about art. At a later age her interest extended to photography, where she specializes in animal and nature themed photographs. Here are some beautiful photos of her two maine coon brothers, Bink and Pip. Enjoy!

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The Perseid meteor shower will burst into light this August as Earth passes through the long trail left by Comet Swift-Tuttle. This year, though, the moon may interfere with the show. Here's how and when to see the Perseids.
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A United Launch Alliance (ULA) rocket will send Astrobotic's private moon lander skyward on its first lunar mission in 2019, representatives of both companies announced today (July 26).
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Eclipse day is almost here! If you're planning to watch the big event, consider packing one of these apps in your pocket.
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The $100 million Breakthrough Starshot initiative has achieved what might prove to be a "Sputnik moment" in successfully lofting its first spacecraft — the smallest ever launched and operated in orbit.
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The billionaire Amazon CEO and founder of the private spaceflight company Blue Origin joined Instagram Thursday (July 20) in a truly novel way: with an aerial tour of Blue Origin's rocket factory in Florida as a sunglasses-wearing Bezos relaxed on the roo


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