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Virgin Orbit says it will perform 24 missions with its LauncherOne small-satellite booster in 2020 despite pushing initial test flights into 2018.
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NASA has signed a Space Act Agreement with a private organization currently raising funds for studies of a space telescope designed to look for habitable planets around a nearby star.
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Hurricane Maria peaked as a massive Category 5 storm as it rolled across the Caribbean in September 2017. See photos of Hurricane Maria from space by satellites in our gallery here.
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"Star Trek" fans will get a great nostalgia kick from a new book that covers every alien species featured in "The Next Generation" (TNG), from Acamarians to Vulcans.
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Dear lady whose small dog was running in the middle of a road and almost caused several accidents until me and a stranger made a roadblock with our cars and chased down the dog and then walked door-to-door carrying him … Continue reading
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Satellites operated by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are tracking Hurricane Maria from space you can see some of those observations below, shared by the agencies on social media.

Some Update-y Odds & Ends

Sep. 19th, 2017 11:08 am
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Ike had his weight check and successfully gained a pound. Not a huge amount, but enough to satisfy his pediatrician for now. He also shot up ANOTHER inch in height, so I think we have our answer as to where his body prefers to utilize it's calories: Towards total devotion to the fine art of outgrowing all his damn clothes. 

Meanwhile, I gained like five pounds during the same time period, as the switch to whole milk string cheese did nothing to impact my personal string cheese consumption. 

Luckily! I am healed enough to ride my bike every day again! Which was a thing that started happening this summer, much to my own lazy ass' surprise. And it was one of the first things I whined about after breaking my elbow, perhaps because I knew that I'd prove perfectly capable of eating string cheese left handed. 


I am staying off hills and could probably get smoked by a toddler on training wheels, but still. I am outside doing a thing! 

Back in the realm of the Inside Kids, Ezra came home from school last week and announced that he was taking up the violin, as it has been his life long dream since at least 10:45 a.m. that morning when he learned that violins are something that exist. 


So, to recap, our house now contains:

1) A saxophone

2) Three electric guitars

3) A ukelele

4) These, because sure


5) A violin

6) A freaking drum set

7) Three children with widely varying musical skill levels

8) Two barky dogs

9) Two very talkative cats

10) And a partridge in a pear tree.*


Never has a wall decal been more apt. 

*Or possibly just a very loud crow in a maple tree. I don't know much about birds or trees tbh but it needs to shut up.



Image of the Day

Sep. 19th, 2017 10:00 am
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Before NASA's Cassini spacecraft dove into Saturn last Friday (Sept. 15), it bade farewell to Iapetus, one of Saturn's "Pac-Man" moons. Also known as the "yin-and-yang" moon, Iapetus is bright on one side and dark on the other.

Let's Play Telephone

Sep. 19th, 2017 01:00 pm
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Posted by Jen

Ever wonder what could possibly go wrong with a simple inscription on a basic cake? Well, WONDER NO MORE. 

Below I've listed the inscriptions some of my trusty Wreckporters ordered from professional bakeries, followed by the cakes they actually received:


"God Bless Neal"

I hear it's His middle name.


"Welcome Baby Arnold"

The spacing is what really sells it.


"Happy Birthday Mom"

Now that's a cake only a mother named Bob could love.

[Btw, I'm starting to wonder if a baker named Bob is doing these on purpose. And if so, I want to shake Bob's hand.]


"Congrats British Lit"

I hope this starts a trend; I want to see all the ways bakers butcher "Kyrgyzstanian."


"Happy Bandwidth Upgrade Day"

"Band With Upgrade" is the name of my retro Steam Powered Giraffe cover band.

(I realize only about 3 people will get that joke... and I'm ok with that.)


"Grats to Dad"

I like to think this is the baker's revenge on everyone who shortens "congratulations" to "grats." "CONGRATS" IS SHORT ENOUGH, PEOPLE.


"Old Dirty Thirty"

At some point you stop being surprised. Or so I'm told.


"When I'm 64"

That's actually how John says it when he's singing in his "drunk McCartney" voice, so maybe Kit sang her order over the phone. Drunk. While imitating Paul McCartney. 

(Don't keep us in suspense, now, Kit: did you?)


Thanks to Colleen C., Suzanne R., Morgan & Eric, Katie D., Ethan D., Leslie C., Becky L., & Kit K. for really phoning it in today. ;)


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